WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: And The State With the Mostess Is…


top statesCalifornia!  14% of all tax liens are filed in California, followed by Florida, and then Texas.  Are you surprised? I mean California does have the highest population of any state, a whopping 37,253,956 people.  California, Florida, Texas, New York, and Illinois are the top 5 states by population.  There is a reason why all of your tax lien leads seem to come from the same select few states.  The pie chart on the left represents the top 9 states, which make up more than half of all tax liens filed in the United States.


Even more interesting, is the fact that while these states may produce the greatest volume of tax liens, not a single one of them is found in the top 5 for highest median or average lien total.   Tax lien filings are correlated to a state’s population, with some notable exceptions… More on this next week.

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